Thursday, July 08, 2010

Things I am loving and hating: a list of extremes

Since it's summer :-)

Things I am loving:

--> An all-night marathon of 'The Nanny' on Nick@Night

--> Finishing my first class in graduate school

--> Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver

--> A kid in my summer school class who is overweight, socially challenged, and completely brilliant.

--> Watching my dog chase the laser around until he can barely catch his breath

--> Having total freedom to plan a ground-breaking curriculum for my hybrid writing class in the fall

--> The 4-5 hour happy hours with my friend Amy

--> Summer sunshine

Things I am hating:

--> The Justin Morneau commercials on the radio. It takes a lot for me to hate McDonalds, Morneau AND the MN Twins, but those commercials are doing a bang-up job.

--> The U of M sending me an email letting me know that, by the way, my instructor for my adolescent psychology class is changing effective July 19. Wha....?

--> I forgot to record Big Brother tonight

Clearly summer is much happier than it is hating. That's a good thing. Especially about the grad class: one down, a bunch to go, but I'm learning a lot that will already be put to good use in my classroom. Viva summer!!

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