Friday, July 09, 2010

It's all giving and no taking...

Today I met with RuthAnn Ritter, an Ayurvedic consultant I met through CorePower teacher training last year. RuthAnn is amazing...she's part nutritionist, yoga expert, life-coach, all awesome. I'm able to meet with her 2-3 times a year when she visits Minnesota from Colorado.

What I learned today is that all of my giving: to my students (high school and yoga), to my jobs, to my academics, to my friends, is depleting me more than I had realized, and it's manifesting itself in all sorts of ways. A lot of my recent behaviors that have seemed really peculiar made perfect sense when talking to RuthAnn. Her one question: "where is the balance?" sent me spinning....there is no balance. And the more I get into summer, the less balance there is.

I leave for Chicago in 9 days. I'll be there for a week--July 18-25. It's my goal for myself to take that time just for me. To try to get back some of the balance.

I also can't wait to enjoy some of my new loot from RuthAnn, including awesome soap, yummy tea, and tons of other stuff. If you live in Colorado definitely hook up with her--she'll change your world! And, if you don't, check out her website--you'll still learn a ton.


Kendra said...

If you need any spots of must hit up in Chicago or what to do exactly, lemme know. Depending on where your staying the city is easy to wander. I miss it.

Kelly Flanigan said...

Hey Kendra!

Thanks! I'm back--totally missed your comment in my mod space--but would love to hear places you'd recommend...I'll definitely be going back! :)