Friday, August 13, 2010

Haven't forgotten...

I haven't pushed forward on Operation: 50%, but I haven't had any backslide either. Yay. I need a day--afternoon and evening would be perfect--where I can hammer out my clothes once and for all. Then, I'll move to the kitchen. I've got the plan all laid out, but, as usual, hardly any time to execute it. Boo.

In other news...I'm in the works to pick up a new yoga class and will be letting one go. This is a struggle, but I need to have a day off during the week, so I either need to let go of my beloved C1 on Sunday mornings (my first CorePower class) or my C2 on Saturday mornings. Hmmm... I love them both. This is where the yoga becomes kind of difficult--letting go, for reals.

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