Monday, September 27, 2010

And then I crawled out from under my rock...

Operation 50%? Nah.

Eating? Nah.

Sleeping? Please.

Socializing? Erm...

Here is my life these days:
1. Work (school)
2. School (grad program)
3. Grading (work/school)
4. Homework (school/grad program)
5. Work (yoga)

If, after all of that, there's still a spare moment or two, I spend it in such a state of awe and wonder at having such a moment that I still don't get so much as a nap, cocktail, or television-zoning-time.

This trimester is tough. Teaching 6 classes, so I have contact with over 200 students a day; department chair the year that we're transitioning to a six-period day; ten credits in a grad program where six is a full load; teaching 4 yoga classes a week; trying to find time to accomplish basic bodily needs like sleeping, eating, and resting my eyes.... it's a lot.

I Am What I Am is a nice reprieve, though. It's easy to write here. I don't need to worry about documentation, organization, or understanding big words. I don't need to justify points, enter grades, or plan. I just am. What I am. Which, right now, is a spectacularly burned out student and teacher.

And a hungry one at that! Must go forage for food...then it's back to under the rock.

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