Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Neti Pot Epic Fail

Apparently, 34 years of breathing has left me with an impenetrable mass in my sinuses that renders my neti pot only partially usable. Bummer. I tried the neti pot for the first time last night, expecting to swallow a lot of water, have water float into my brain or out my eyes...pretty much anything except that the water would do what it's supposed to do: flow from the opposite nostril.

I'm so glad I live alone sometimes. There are people who record their neti pot experiences and post them on youtube. Me? I don't even let the dog watch. I'm surprised I'm even telling you fine folk.

Tonight I tried again--same results. Hopefully I'm chipping away at the monstrosity in my nasal cavity. I just hope that when I eventually dislodge it and can breathe truly freely that I don't actually sound like Fran Drescher...


Gary LaPointe said...

I'm a neti-pot lover. I do it enough where it's pretty rare it (the snot) every gets a chance to block my nose that much.

This time of year I do it in the morning and usually the evening too. If I didn't something different (cleaning in a dusty area or out in the cold weather for a while) I'll to it as soon as I get in.

This post is a little old now, have you been trying it since...?


Kelly Flanigan said...

I've had success :) Finally!!! I think the neti pot and I just needed to acquaint ourselves, lol.