Thursday, May 12, 2011

Spring updates, yo!

Yeah, so I'm pretty much the most terrible blogger ever. I used to blog every day--sometimes I'd have to hold back so I didn't blog more than once (and sometimes I just gave in and blogged, like, three times a day). So, here's my monthly promise to be a better blogger.

Tonight I graduate from graduate school. Yay! I started with the program last summer and will finish at the end of this summer. Whew! But, those of you who know me know I don't dawdle on these life changes--I go full on or I don't go at all! Since I've technically been back in school for one career or another since 2008, it'll feel really good for me to get all gowned up and go through the ceremony. Because I did decide to do the ceremony. It's important for me to put a period at the end of this education thing and be done. At least for awhile. Yeah, I mulled over doing the Ph.D. in English, but I think I need to take a few years to focus on something other than homework (my students or mine) and academia.

This means more yoga. MORE YOGA. Maybe more travel. Definitely more money. These are all good things.

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Gary LaPointe said...

But you facebook a lot. So I hadn't noticed you hadn't been blogging since I've been sort of "in the loop"...

BUT I've noticed that I haven't blogged much. And I blame all my little facebook comments that fill my sharing needs but are still limited sharing...