Thursday, April 05, 2012

Boggles the Mind

One of the benefits of spring break is that, in addition to completely ignoring my to-do list, my brain gets to relax enough for me to.....think.  Here are some of the thoughts that have crossed through my brain in the last 6 days:

1.  Think of the people who you love and can't imagine living without.  Now, imagine what power it took for the universe to place you with that exact combination of people all at the same time all together.  We're not just talking a span of years here--we're talking *centuries*.  Millions of years to choose from, yet here you are.  With your best friend, your husband, your wife, your sister, your dad.  Think of all of the possibilities--and, when you do, take a moment to appreciate those people.  Not just that they exist, but that they exist at the same time as you.  And that you found each other.  Amazing.

2.  When I eat pasta, I crave rice, pizza, and diet coke.  (yes, it's less profound than #1...don't judge.)

3.  I could totally stand to teach yoga full-time.  I couldn't afford to do it, but I would absolutely dig it.

4.  The time vortex.  Why is it that one day of school takes the same amount of time as five days of break?  If I start to think about the fact that it's already Thursday--and Thursday evening at that--I start to get a little shaky.  So, Imma stop thinking about that right now.

5.  Finally, I'm excited to eat sushi tonight.

That is all.

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