Friday, March 30, 2012

The Spring Sigh

Spring break has FINALLY arrived.  I truly wasn't sure I'd make it to this one.  The kids have been acting like it's May, the rooms are a hundred degrees (or below zero), and my skin wants to get its tan on.  All good things normally, except when you consider that it's actually March.  But all of that is behind me now, because for the next nine days, I am, to a degree, free.

So, with that, I present to you: the Spring Break 2012 List of Things to Accomplish:

1.  Get all grading done.  Preferably on the earlier end of the break...but based on past precedent I'll be scrambling at midnight on Sunday night (April 8th) trying to get a foot high pile of grading done in an hour and grumbling that if I had just broken the pile down into 9 smaller piles, I could have taken a manageable bite each day.

2.  Spring cleaning!  Swabbing down the house, for reals.  The dog goes to doggy day camp and I vacuum until I can't vacuum anymore.

3.  Tackle the garage.  This is a new one this year.  My garage barely has room for my car.  I need to go through clothes, furniture, random crap, and clean the place out.

4.  Yoga.  Teaching, practicing, sculpting...I gotta do it all.

5.  Reading and Viewing.  I have 3 books (Hunger Games, Echolocation, and 1963) that need finishing.  I also have 3 movies that need watching. It's pretty pathetic when I'm even behind on my leisure.

6. Try a few new recipes.  My blender is feeling neglected.....I've thrown her over for black bean quinoa burgers, pasta, oatmeal and soup.  We need to spend some quality time rebonding.

That's it.  That's enough, right?  Again, past precedent says I'll only accomplish about 20% of this list, but you can rest assured I'll get a lot of napping in.

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