Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sculpting the body--and the mind

I'm addicted to school.  Truly.  I can't stay away from the classroom in any sense of the word.  Five days a week I teach in the high school classroom, and on the weekends I teach in the yoga classroom.  But, even that's not enough.  Back in 2007 I decided I wanted to become a funeral director...I'm  little suspicious that I just really wanted to be a student again.  I hung around school (and funeral homes) for 3 years, then decided that maybe my master's in special education would be more appropriate, so I switched schools and programs.  In August of 2011, I finished my program and, starting in September, was officially Not a Student.

I've floated aimlessly along for a few months now, calculating how expensive this school addiction actually is and how I really need to have a different job than teaching (say....million dollar heiress, for example?) in order to support my habit.  And I stopped looking at University websites, MFA programs, and other academic temptations.

But, the siren song of yoga teacher training is never far away, and the time comes around occasionally when I just can't ignore it.  Enter: Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training.


Yes, exactly.

I'm not a sculpter.  I, in fact, kind of secretly (though not anymore) really dislike yoga sculpt.  Because I'm terrible at it.  There's nothing I do in my daily life that beats me down more and screams "you are weak!!!"  With actually more exclamation points than that, but I can't bring myself to type them.  I joke (but not really) that I sculpt "annually."  And that, friends, is exactly why I'm in the teacher training.  People ask "why are you doing it if you hate it so much?" My answer? "Because I hate it so much...and I need to love it."

That's kind of how I roll.  And, I am absolutely LOVING this training.  And it's making me love sculpt and want to go take classes all the time.  I can't wait to sculpt tomorrow and next week.  My mind is being sculpted here far more than my physical body, because it needs more sculpting.  And when I'm done with the training, I probably won't test out to teach it (famous last words), but I will have taken the steps to sit down with my old enemy Sculpt and apologize for pre-judgment.  I'm buying it lunch, and I'm hopeful that we can be friends from here on out because, as it turns out, my good buddy Sculpt is a pretty nifty friend to have around.

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