Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Yeah, not my muscles.  My schedule.

I do this to myself.  Confession time again--I tend to take on more than I should.  It really comes from a place of not wanting to make choices or decisions, so I just keep piling it all on and navigating my way from place to place.  Over a two week time period, for example, I'm doing the following:

--teaching the regular high school gig and finishing off the quarter
--going through Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training, which meets for 24 hours between Friday and Monday.
--teaching or subbing 6 yoga classes at 3 different CPY studios

And amid all of that, I'm trying to be a decent mom to Gatsby, and get some exercise in from time to time.  And that, my internet friends, is what we call "hyper-extension: schedule edition."  For reals.

Of course over the same two week time period, I also worked in a happy hour with one friend, a night out with another, and a Wild game with a third.  So, at least I'm keeping some balance.

Sleep? That's another matter entirely.

But, spring break is coming up, and that week is the saving grace of every teacher every year.  We stretch, stretch, stretch until we almost reach the breaking point----and then spring break comes along and it's like someone lifting an anvil off my chest (I imagine).  Total freedom, time to sleep in, time to read, time to walk around, time to--in short--bliss out.

I have break in 9 days.  I've dug my nails in and I'm ready to push through those 9 only because of what I know is waiting on the other side:  recovery.

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