Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Crabby Pants

I'm crabby as can be today.  For no good reason.  Truly--I have nothing to be crabby about.  Did a little shopping today, took Gatsby for two walks, laid out in the sun, went to spin class, finished an amazing book....there is absolutely nothing in that list that should make me anything but ecstatic.  Today is the kind of day that will send me right over the moon in January.  Tonight? I'm just irritated.  And irritated with myself for being irritated.

I think, honestly, the problem is that I've spent too much time in my head lately.  I love relaxing during the summer, and it's true that I definitely need my "stay the hell away from me" time during the school year, but I have to admit to myself that I'm a people-person.  I just hate that.  I'd love to be a hermit; I'd love to be someone who not only didn't require human interaction but actually abhorred it.  But, I guess I wouldn't be much of a public school teacher if that was the case, and, given that that's how I spend most of my year, it's probably good I need the energy of others to be truly happy.

Tomorrow I'll teach some yoga, maybe go to a class, have some interactions with some people.  I'll try to leave the crabby pants at home.

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