Friday, January 25, 2013

2013 Cleanse Day 1

Every once in awhile--usually about 2x a year--I decide I've gone overboard quite enough with the sugar, diet coke, and carbs.  A cleanse is a great way to reset my system and remind myself that yes, I can actually live without my morning diet coke.

This is the cleanse I'm doing: The UltraClear PLUS 10-DAY EXPRESS DETOX PROGRAM.  I know 10 days sounds like a LONG TIME....and it is.  It's not easy.  But, I feel amazing afterward and I feel like I'm back to controlling my food rather than the other way around.  So, I thought I'd chronicle my cleanse this time around and hopefully give you some insights into the whole process.

So, today was day 1.  For me, that meant no coffee, no diet coke, and no meat.  Not really a significant difference from my normal diet, except I've been drinking so much soda lately that I've had the hard-core caffeine headache raging since about 10am.  The only thing getting me through is knowing that it will get better in a few days, and I can have diet coke in 9 days again!

I ate oatmeal with brown sugar for breakfast, angel hair noodles with olives/olive oil/parm cheese for lunch, and a can of vegetable barley soup (Amy's) for dinner.  I also drank tea (caffeine free, of course), and water with lemon.

Tomorrow will be a little harder, because I can't have eggs.  Eggs are my total go-to food.  Well, egg whites, I should say.  But, that means I'll need to up my veggies in order to stay satisfied, and that's a really good thing for me since I really don't eat enough vegetables.

Tomorrow is also my intense exercise day: a three hour spin session followed by a 75 min yoga class.  I'm going to have to understand that I probably won't have the same amount of energy I usually have and be okay with that.  It's worth it to get my system out of diet coke/salt/cookie land and back into normal territory.

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