Saturday, January 26, 2013

2013 Cleanse Day 2

The first thing I was aware of this morning, even before I opened my eyes, was the screaming headache that remained from cutting out caffeine yesterday.  The headache progressed through my spin class, prompted me to skip my second spin class (the endurance class I love) and sent me home for a nap.  It subsided for a bit during yoga, but now that I'm staring down the barrel of countless projects that need to be graded by Monday, suddenly it's back.  What's the lesson here?  I seriously needed to detox this caffeine from my body!  So, while the headache was painful, it was also a good motivator.'re wondering what I got to eat today, right?  

Well, yesterday I eliminated refined sugar, caffeine, artificial colors/flavors/sweeteners, and flesh foods (meat, fish, etc.). Today I added eggs and other dairy products to that list, making today not a lot different from yesterday except for the fact that egg (whites) are my normal "go to" food whenever I need a low calorie, high protein treat.  So, I ate some oatmeal with brown sugar for breakfast (not from a package, of course).  I had an apple, walnuts and pasta for lunch and a snack.  I had some tea and another apple later in the afternoon, and some edamame for dinner. I had some UltraClear as well, which is one of the components of the cleanse.  I'll be adding that in more each day as I eliminate foods.  I'm going to have some brown rice later, and my last scoop of UltraClear.  Then it's off to bed.

I've definitely got "cleanse brain," that kind of foggy feeling that makes me forget my purse for spin class (and then look for it at spin, forgetting that I forgot it).  This will last for a few more days, and then as I get back on schedule with better foods, my energy and clarity will return.

The most important element to remember while cleansing, in my opinion, is to not underestimate the role food plays in everything we do in our day to day life.  Changing what you eat will affect your energy, your mood, your perspective, even your social life.  Sometimes for the better...sometimes not.  We are a nation that functions on food.  We are motivated by it, we celebrate with it, we even use it as a measure of intelligence and sophistication.  The worst thing I can do while cleansing is to act "business as usual."  I have to honor my energy and be sensitive to the mood swings as they arise.  

Tomorrow I cut out grains, nuts and seeds.  There goes my oatmeal, pasta and rice.  I'll be able to eat fruits, veggies, and legumes.  Means I better get some lentils on the way home from teaching yoga tomorrow--and I better write it down; I'll never remember with Cleanse Brain!

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