Sunday, January 27, 2013

2013 Cleanse: Day 3

Today the rubber kind of hit the road....until I remembered that I can (and should!) eat vegetables from time to time.  Welcome to the reason I need to cleanse, I guess.  Apparently existing on carbs and diet coke doesn't work so well.  My raging headache continued all morning long, prompting me to sub out a yoga class and cry a little.  Then I made some vegetable soup with lentils this afternoon and life got a little better.

The other thing that made me cry a little, totally not cleanse-related, is the amount of grading I've been doing this weekend.  Non-stop, my friends.  It's the end of one quarter and the beginning of another.  I go through this every quarter--feeling really overwhelmed and unprepared--and every quarter I get through it.  But, in a time of cleansing, I think the difficulty is magnified.  It's becoming pretty clear to me that my food habits aren't the only thing I should be cleansing right now.  But, one thing at a time, right?

Tomorrow I eliminate rice and nuts, two of my staples for the last few days.  I'm upping the UltraClear, which will help.  I can eat fruits, vegetables, and legumes.  Nothing else.  I haven't been hungry, and I haven't really lost weight.  But, my guess is both of those things will happen over the next few days.  Suffice to say, I'll be laying low.

I'm also really missing my cleanse buddy,  Michelle.  It makes such a big difference to be doing the cleanse along with someone.  It's amazing how important an encouraging email/text/phone call can be.  So, that's my number 1 tip for planning a cleanse: get someone to do it with you.  A few people is even better.  But, get people who will really do it--not someone who is going to dip out after a day or so.  You don't need that temptation.  Michelle and I didn't always cleanse together, but when we did we were in it together, and neither of use ever stopped on the other.  If she was cleansing right now, I know we would have talked today about the experience so far.

Will update more tomorrow--assuming I survive the first day of 3rd quarter....ugh.


Josie said...

You WILL survive. You WILL thrive! You WILL thrive with PASSION! Love ya, girl!

Kelly said...

Thanks girl!! <3 you!