Monday, January 28, 2013

2013 Cleanse Day 4

And all of a sudden, I'm almost halfway through the cleanse! Whooooohoooo!  There are two turning points in the 10 day 4 (today), and day 8. Those days are so important to keep in mind not just when they arrive, but ahead of their arrival as well.  As in: I know I can make it through day 3, because day 4 is almost here, and day 4 is just one day from day 5, which is halfway through! (And yes, I tell this to myself. Out loud.  Sometimes in public.  Without apology.)

I woke up today well-rested.  Caffeine is out of my system, so I went to bed at a somewhat reasonable hour last night (11pm...reasonable for me!) and woke up at a reasonable hour feeling like I could actually get out of bed.  I didn't need a nap when I got home.  Measuring time from Diet Coke to Diet Coke (yes, I decided to capitalize it now) is no way to live.  But, when a person like myself starts and ends her day with Diet Coke, that's exactly what's happening.  I'm tired now, sure, because I worked all day and have worked for about 3 hours since I got home.  In other words, I've come by my tired honestly, rather than just hitting the wall of my caffeine addiction.

At work today, two of my colleagues said they could never do what I'm doing...they don't have the discipline, they need caffeine too much, they would bail out after two days, etc.  I just nod.  I've gone through the whole "oh you could *totally* do a cleanse! It's easy!" It's not easy.  It does require commitment.  And, it's not for everyone.  But, I will say: yes--you can do it.  If you want to.  But it won't be easy.

Alright, some of y'all have messaged me wanting to know about the...ahem....bathroom situation.  I'll be delicate.  Truth be told--there is no "bathroom situation."  The word "cleanse" seems to inspire thoughts of some scary colon blow type situation, or images of staying home from work to stay close to the bathroom.  Not with this cleanse.  There's nothing going on in my body that's any different from normal.  Well, things are a little different (insert delicacy here), but I'm not strapped to the bathroom, and I'm not wearing Depends.  Mmmmkay?  Whew....glad we got through that one!

Tomorrow I let go of lentils, and am left with the remaining food types for the next 3 days:  cruciferous vegetables, raw greens, fresh apples and pears, and apple/pear juice (as long as it's natural).  Plus my UltraClear, which I will begin to cling to like a heroin addict.  Because, dear readers, the last four days have been a warm up.  Days 5-7 are the intensive days.

But Friday is a'comin'.  Friday is Day 8.  I can totally make it to day 8.  And if I can make it to day 8, I can make it to day 10.  Count on it.

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