Saturday, February 02, 2013

2013 Cleanse Conclusion: My Spidey Sense

Today, the last official day of the cleanse, was an absolutely fantastic day. A cleanse resets the body, so food tastes better, the body moves a little smoother, the mind thinks a little clearer...everything is just, well, easier.  Here is a list of the awesome things I did today:

1.  Slept through the plows clearing the road in front of my house and my driveway.  More importantly, Gatsby did too.

2.  Returned to spin class with one of my favorite instructors, Natalie, for the first time in two weeks.  Natalie is an animal on the spin bike, and I get my best calorie burn from her.  I told her that this was my first post-cleanse workout, and she was all "Holy shit." I said don't worry, if I fall over I'm clipped in, and winked at her. She yelled "Don't say that!"

3.  Grocery store trip #1 for grapefruit, which I was desperately craving.  Got home and didn't have time to eat desperately craved grapefruit before heading to yoga, so I enjoyed an UltraClear on the way instead.

4.  Yoga.  Felt as amazing as spin class in a completely different way.  Spent a good amount of time in handstand.  Appreciated that I didn't have a gut full of diet coke and other crap.

5.  Grocery store trip #2 for post-cleanse staples. Also to inadvertently demonstrate to the woman at the meat counter that I am something of a roast beef connoisseur.  I don't know how that happened....she asked me about the difference between two types (the best she could offer me was that one cost $3 more than the other) and I waxed poetic about flavors, herbs, and sweetness for far too long.

6.  Home to make Gatsby's day complete, make pesto for tonight, and NOT GRADE PAPERS.

A most glorious day, indeed.

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