Saturday, February 02, 2013

2013 Cleanse Day 8

A little late tonight because I was out doing my new most favorite-ist thing EVER, teaching Candlelight Flow yoga at CorePower Yoga in Uptown.  Tonight was my second week, and it was just awesome.  Last week was also awesome.  I love helping my students get ready for their weekend by getting rid of the week and creating space.  Fabulous.

Anyway, cleanse update!  We're in the homestretch, friends!  Today I began to add foods back in.  I had mango juice for breakfast, and white rice (whoohoo!) for my mid-morning snack/lunch.  I was supposed to have an UltraClear in the afternoon, but after I got home from an appointment I totally cheated and ate Asian noodles.  They're terrible for me, but I looooooove them.  Total guilty pleasure. And, as it turns out, too much for my cleansing stomach.  Don't worry, nothing gross happened....but I felt like crap.  So, I had an UltraClear to try to erase some of my mistake. It didn't work.  Good lesson for the future.

Tomorrow I can add back in even more foods.  The goal as I add food back in is to add in simple foods and see how I react to them.  This is a great way to test for gluten allergies, various food sensitivities, etc.  For example, the noodles I ate tonight could have made me feel icky because of something in the noodles.  I'll have to test them again an a day or so.

For dinner, more rice.  I really need to stay with the vegetables.  That's a huge area of improvement I need to make in my diet.  First day I'm allowed to eat real food again and I cram myself full of carbs.  Bad Kelly! But, we'll start over again tomorrow, and I'll do better with the veggies.

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