Wednesday, June 05, 2013

The final countdown!

First, I have SO MUCH TO DO.  For real.  It's the last week of the school year, so even under ideal conditions I'm stressed to the gills and ready to cry at any given moment.  Add to that the preparations for a house renovation that involves me packing up about half my house, a new job that involves me packing up my entire classroom (and moving it home), and a drive across the country to a city I've visited only once, and  this. girl. is. fucking. outofhermind.

But I'm SO EXCITED!!!!! :-) This is actually happening!!!!! A week from now, I'll be settling in to my new space, getting my bearings on the city around me, and trying to not be too overwhelmed with awesome to do anything.  

Tonight I said goodbye to the Beh pet name for my dear friend Amy.  She and her husband gave me a "road trip package" How fricking amazing is this?!  

She knows exactly what I love (and what Gatsby loves....which is, more than anything, to be counted among the human-types).  And, because she's the Beh Freh, she gave me a little tough love tonight after our yoga class.  Suffice to say,  she's not one for the Minnesota Goodbye.  She's a one-and-done sort of girl.  No tears, no sadness, just "dude, buck up.  Go to California.   I'll see you there."  She is so good for me.  I didn't cry over not seeing her, and, without her matter-of-fact approach, I could very well have been a sobbing, dribbling mess.  Someone who will not only let you keep your dignity, but will also send you on a 29 hour road trip with Goldfish, Oreos, and Captain Morgan? That's a Beh Freh right there, people.

Tonight is an all-nighter.  I need to finish my grades, finish my packing, and get my shit together.  I also need to eat everything in my freezer.  Ready....steady.....  

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