Saturday, June 25, 2005

Procrastination on a Saturday afternoon

I'm crabby today.
Crabby because I'm sitting at my desk looking at 28 essay questions that I have to answer no later than Monday so they can get mailed Tuesday so they reach their destination by Thursday. Stupid questions. Stupid credits.

And I haven't heard about Belize and its been, well, almost two weeks which is nothing but since everything should move at lightening speed in my world it's like FOREVER.

And, I've been having crazy sex dreams like mad ever since I turned29. It's like my mind has said "Okay, enough. If you're not going to pursue this physically, we'll do our thing instead." So, when I had the most vivid sex dream of my whole LIFE involving Scott Bakula , well, I really just didn't ever want to wake up again. I love Scott Bakula.

Oh, and I dreamt about smoking last night. And it was good. Excluding my birthday treat, its been 42 days. I'm a damn rock star. the 28 questions. Starting with: "Describe environmental engineering and how it is used in the classroom." Bah.

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