Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I read and I read and I read some more

Yeah, so I know I haven't written in like a week. I was in the Bahamas. It was pretty fuckin' sweet. Mom took me on a mother/daughter vacation. We laid on the beach almost the whole four days (with the exception of taking an hour out of the day to get massages). I've never been to the Bahamas before; I'm a pretty big fan.

I finished the Brain book in a flourish after one day of beach reading. Then, having already watched The Ninth Gate with Johnny Depp, maybe the most kick ass movie ever, I began the short story reading marathon.

I read:

1. "Beverly Home" Denis Johnson
2. "Epstein" Philip Roth
3. "Open House" Charles D'Ambrosio
4. "The Hoaxer" Walter Kirn
5. "The Story of My Life" Kim Edwards
6. "A Record as Long as Your Arm" George Garrett
7. "China" Charles Johnson
8. "Smorgasbord" Tobias Wolff
9. "Rich" Ellen Gilchrist

My favorites were....well I pretty much liked them all. Very different stories. I liked the Edwards story because I think it matches my style of writing the most. This surprised me, but some of the lines as I read them I was like "hey, that's how I would write that." Gave me hope. I obviously loved D'Ambrosio's "Open House." I also really loved "Rich" and "A Recored as Long as Your Arm." Yeah, good short story reading session.

Now I need to bury myself in George Saunders. I also got D'Ambrosio's new collection of essays, Orphens. I hope I live to be a thousand years old so I can read everything I have on my list.

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