Saturday, July 02, 2005

I've been trapped in a vortex

I have a new laptop, yay!! It's about the cutest thing ever, weighing in at a skimpy five pounds. And then of course I had to put the Sims 2 on it, because I got it for Christmas and it wouldn't work on my other ghetto computer. But, all I've done for the last three days is play the Sims. Until like 3am. It's absolute crack. I have so much other stuff I could be doing--SHOULD be doing. Writing, working on my next set of class work, cleaning the hellhole I live in.....lord above I'm getting stressed just thinking about it. So, I think I need to make sure the Sims stay put away today. I must clean a bit, then I'll probably go to the pool.

I know, such a terrible life I lead. Summer is soooooooo nice for me. But, two months from now, rest assured my stress level will be back up to normal, since I will have been in school for two weeks. Yuck.

This concludes the most random post ever.

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