Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The drought is coming to an end

I haven't written a word since July 17th, which may seem like a short amount of time but given the fact that I'm not working or doing anything that even remotely contributes to the overall wellbeing of humanity (except being my sunshiny, charming self, that is) it's forever.

So tonight I wrote. Finally. When I got to writing group I was crabby because I felt the lack of inspiration sitting in my head laughing and yelling "you're not going to write anything! Haha!" And then we started writing and this image came into my head and I started writing. And, I don't want to jinx it (which is why you're not getting the gory details) but I think it might take off. I need a story for class in about two weeks maybe three anyway, so if I can get it done in time to do some revisions that would kick ass.

I think the pressure of Belize and the Mentor Series is getting to me. When I go to Belize I'm going to have to be strong enough to face, literally, two incredibly talented writers, one of whom I admire deeply (and happens to be the mentor of another person I admire deeply, double whammy), and hear what they have to say about my writing. I think I'm scared. Which is weird, because I don't know the last time I thought that. Anxious, yeah, nervous, sure, but scared is a whole different category and I think I'm there.

Mentor Series will be announced on August 15th here. Belize is certainly enough, but if I should be lucky enough to land in the Mentor Series too, well, that would be just nuts. There are so many different factors that weigh into the Mentor, though, so it's really impossible to tell. I could have written the best story in the world and if the judge reads it on an off day or something... it's all in the timing and the mood and the whatever and whether or not the judge had his/her coffee that morning.

Oh well. At least I'm writing again. Happy, happy day!!

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