Wednesday, September 07, 2005

An absolute crime

Tonight Jordis Unga was released from Rock Star: INXS. Now I love INXS, always have, nearly got killed in a mosh pit when I was 17 to see them in Paris. But they make a grave error when they said that she wasn't right for their band and SUSIE is still there. Jordis has more talent in her scrawniest dred lock than Susie has in her whole body. She'll be gone next week.

But, maybe INXS didn't make a mistake. I think that a lot of these musicians that come in second, third, fifth place, are a lot better off because they don't get locked into a contract. If Jordis was in INXS, would I ever see her in concert? Probably not. She's a Minnesota girl and Minnesota artists are loyal to their own. Outside of INXS I'll see her, possibly even meet her. She's young, only twenty-three, but she's a pistol and I'd be honored to meet her and hear her sing in person.

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