Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The question of the day


Why is it that it's 12:10 and I'm just now opening a Diet Coke? That's appalling. I should have consumed at least two by now.

Oh well...duty calls, I guess.

My other question is
How much does my school rock? (write this down, I don't say it often)
Answer: Totally. My two days of workshop were approved so now I don't have to spend part of Belize as unpaid leave. Justice prevails and I'm totally thankful to the people who helped make that happen.

Another interesting point of information is that I eat lunch every day from 11:38-12:27. Well, Tuesdays and Thursdays it's 11:57-12:27. And I'm done with students at 1:16. Not 1:15. Are you scheduled to the minute like I am? I'm sorry if you are...I feel your pain.

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Nance Knauer said...

Great news on Belize!! Woooot!