Monday, November 21, 2005

The weekend that was...and the list

Well, k1tchenwitch asked for an update on how much of my list I accomplished. I'll say as a precursor that I ended up spending part of yesterday afternoon with my mom. We went to Bachmans and I bought a handpainted ornament like the ones I always gave my grandma for christmas. We talked and bonded and it was cool. So that took up, well, almost four hours.

*sigh* Okay. Here's the list.

1. Balance checkbook 2004.
--> Update: Didn't touch it.

2. Balance checkbook 2005.
--> Update: Didn't touch it.

3. Clean living room.
--> I did it last night. Looks 99% clean.

4. Clean kitchen.
--> Did it. Even cleaned out the cabinets. I'm a rock star.

5. Spot clean carpet.
--> Did it last night while cleaning living room

6. Clear off stairs.
--> I did this too!

7. Do laundry/put all clothes away
--> I did this halfway. I ran out of detergent, and my clotes are never TOTALLY put away.

8. Write christmas letter.
--> Not even close

9. Grocery shop
--> At 10pm on Saturday night I trundled myself off to the grocery store to see what other social winners hang out at Cub instead of downtown Mpls. Surprisingly busy.

10. Grade CPC, F12 assignments
--> Did the CPC, not the F12. And I only did half of the CPC.

11. Clean dining room
--> Did it!

12. Organize books
--> My dad dropped off a bookcase that led to this process. They're less messy now, but not fully organized.

13. Clean out car.
--> Passenger side, good. Backseat, bad.

14. Get Belize pics developed.
--> This is so my computer's fault. By the time I got the stars aligned and the pics burned to a CD, it was too late last night.

15. Revise story
--> I'm so cute with my lofty weekend goals

16. Work on current story
--> I did get a great idea based on something my mom said. I messed around with it in my head last night and I will try to start it this week.

So that's it. I actually accomplished more than I thought I would.

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k1tchenwitch said...

Whoa ~ you accomplished a ton! I'm especially impressed by your stair-cleaning victory!

and this: I'm so cute with my lofty weekend goals
cracked me up. :)