Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Children are half-crazy

The mother in Childhood by Thornton Wilder says "No one told me when I got married that children are half crazy." Well, no one told me that either. When I started teaching, that is. The kids drove me absolutley nuts today. NUTS. I could barely contain my sarcasm. Seriously, I can only hold it back so much, can only be tempted so many times by utterly insane questions before it needs to get unleashed all over some poor unsuspecting schlep.

And then I got an email from Rob, one of my writing teachers for my classes that start this week. He sent it to both me and Jodi and wants us to bring in stories this week to hand out for next week. Like someone lit a match suddenly I got jazzed about writing again. I swear I need to be in a class in order to actually write something. My fingers feel differently on the keyboard now than they did this morning, and I can't wait to get back to my stories.


Phil Jones said...

Hi Kelly- You don't know me, but..... I'm Patricia Parkinson's husband actually. My wife sent a list of ten unusual things about herself which was limitedly surprising, but funny all the same. She has suggested I tag someone and your name came up. I know you attended a workshop in Belize which intrigues the hell out of me. The workshop, not Belize, or both really. Or maybe I'm just envious. I've also read some of your fiction. Very impressive I must say. So why not divulge ten interesting things about yourself, make them juicy and don't lie or we will know.

Kelly said...

Hello Phil! I feel like I know you from Patricia. Thanks for the compliment!

I actually responded to the tagging (Nance tagged me, I think) and it's listed below. My list is totally boring, unfortunately. But I love to talk about Belize and I definitely need to add it to the list!!