Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Writing Class #1

I started my "Using Stories by Margaret Atwood to Improve Fiction Writing" class tonight. Let me point out that when I first saw this in the catalogue I actually turned to Nina, my friend sitting next to me, and asked her if the class was real or if I was imagining it. I love Margaret Atwood. Did a whole semester independent research on her in college and she is, indirectly, responsible for my return to writing. So this is pretty much my dream class.

My policy is to reserve judgement until at least the second class. Everyone is nervous on the first night and there's an overall "weird" vibe. I will say that I talked more tonight than I have ever. First was a guy, Al, grilling me on Belize. Rapidfire questions, which I tried to answer intelligently. Next was guy-whose-name-I-can't-remember who wanted to know tons of stuff about my writing. I asked for it by answering the instructor's question of "where do stories come from." So he said "how did you find the climax of your story?" "How long did it take you?" "How did you know what your characters would do?" So tonight was the Kelly show for a good while.

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