Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The spices of Sonoma kill my stomach

I'm trying, in an attempt to treat my body more like the temple that it is, to eat healthier. I bought the Sonoma Diet cookbook because the recipes looked managable and yummy. And healthy. So, I bought all the base ingredients and have been trying to incorporate the meals into my schedule.

The spices are killing me.

Now I'm not talking anything real high tech here, I'm using oregano, rosemary, thyme, and yes, sage. No parsley, though. And I know I'm using too much. Spices are supposed to lend flavor, not be the flavor, and I know I'm way overloading. So I need to chill on the spices. And, I need to not overwhelm my poor rice and popcorn eatin' stomach with all this new fangled food so quickly.

In other news, the one act goes to competition on Friday. The kids have worked so hard and I couldn't be more proud of them. I go back and forth between wanting them to move on and wanting to be done on Friday. Of course I know, come friday, my competitive streak will be in full bristle and I'll be wanting a win. But now, before rehearsal I just want it all to be done. Then I get to rehearsal and they're so fun to be with and excited and they've done so much work that I wan tthem to be rewarded. Plus I have one student who is just one of those really great, awesome kids who is graduating this year and this is my last show with her. She's such an amazing talent and is, I think, who I would have wanted to be in high school. She's a bit more low key than I was, not as attention seeking, and I think that's what draws me to her.

I have an idea for a story that is ready to get started. I need to get through the twenty million papers I have to grade so that I can do it. Loft classes start, crap, a week from tonight.

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Patricia said...

Hey you, I miss you, I hope the play goes well!!! Can't wait to hear about it..xoxoxo