Thursday, March 30, 2006

Gatsby, latest pic and visit!!

I went to visit Gatsby on Tuesday!! He is SO CUTE. I held him and he snuggled right in, still very interested in being warm. He seemed to be just the right amount of playful...he would romp around for a minute or so and then sack out again. His little legs don't quite work for him yet, he keeps stumbling and flopping around all over the place and it's just so damn adorable!

I'm really impressed with Kelly as a breeder. Her house is awesome and she takes such good care of the puppies. She really knows her stuff and her dogs are pets, not just moneymakers. She let Erica and I stay for two hours, sitting by the puppies and talking, holding them, etc. It was awesome and I know Gatsby will be the perfect dog for me.

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