Thursday, March 30, 2006

Movie Day Spring Break '06 (aka STFU)

Yesterday we revived Movie Day and began at 11:30 am for a day of movie watching. I was busy most of the day so I didn't join the crew until a little after 7pm. When I walked in, Saw II was beginning. Joy. They had watched Saw earlier in the afternoon, and I was just so bored. One member of the group compared it to Silence of the Lambs (which made me laugh) and then someone else said "Yeah, see, it's more psychological than gore." Right.

We also watched The History of Violence, which was awesome. It wasn't really what I expected but I was enthralled. I was enjoying it so much that when one group member said "I expected it to be more intense" I didn't bother to respond with the slew of sarcastic responses that flooded my brain.

My biggest pet peeve is movie noise. Smacking on popcorn, talking, cell phones, unnecessary rustling, etc. I get really bitchy about it. Because, the same as when I read a book or watch a play, when I go into the world of a movie, I want to be in that world. I want to be with them there, not sitting in a living room (or a theater) with other people.

My group of friends is not the group to watch movies with. There were seven of us there, and out of the seven, there were four of us that could keep quiet. The other three talked NON STOP through ALL of the movies. I couldn't believe people could talk so much. Random commentary, totally MST3K style, running at the mouth, totally unnecessary comments that were impossible to tune out. I wanted to scream SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!!!! to them. I did shush them once and it held for about a half hour, which was great considering that the chattiest member of our group couldn't keep quiet for a full minute throughout the entire Saw II movie. Seriously, I watched the tracker on the dvd player. Not a full minute. THEN his phone vibrated and rather than get up and go into another room for his conversation, he sat on the couch and talked. TWICE.

So, basically after yesterday I'll be retiring from Movie Day. I simply can't take the chatter and the backnoise. Oh well.

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