Friday, June 16, 2006

My mind is a disconnected steel trap

Okay, so could some brain theory expert explain why it is that I can hear a few notes of a song and those notes will connect to lyrics to a song that I guarandamnteed haven't heard since 1985, and I am able to recall the lyrics of the song with 95% accuracy and also remember the source of where I heard the song? That was twenty one years ago. I was eight years old. I was in the third grade, sitting in front of my tv probably wearing my pajamas and eating toast that my mom made me because I couldn't reach the toaster. And yet, twenty years later sitting in a restaurant in Minneapolis this song shoots into my head.

God brains are weird.


Gary LaPointe said...

I agree, they are weird.

I wish I could remember "stuff" that easily when I need to.

Kelly said...

The trouble is that I can't remember things like that on's all total accident. I'd be hard pressed to tell you what I had for dinner last Monday night, but apparently 1985 was a year to remember.