Thursday, June 15, 2006


Okay, speaking of Kids Incorporated, how come no one took the time to inform me that FERGIE of the Black Eyed Fucking Peas is little STACY FERGUSON of Kids Fucking Incorporated?????

I am stunned. Truly, my axis has been rocked. I mean, I can see it now that I look at her, totally, but DAMN. Okay, now I need to do more research.

Here is the little darling's pic, second in from the left, during the cast that was so near and dear to my little ten year old heart. Please also note that I was IN LOVE with Ryan Lambert who is to the right of Stacy.

Thanks to The Unofficial Kids Incorporated page for the pic.


jodi said...



I loved Kids, Inc when I was a kid. And you're the first to drop this bombshell. I might have to call someone to tell them this news.

Kelly said...

I'm saying!! Now I realize that this news is only noteworthy to Kids Inc. fans, but I'm truly shocked that this is the first I've heard of it. My ears perk up for Kids Inc. like its a damn dog whistle.

Magen said...

Thank you. I had a very similar reaction when I discovered the connection, and everyone thought I was fucking nuts... not to mention, nobody had ever even HEARD of Kids, Inc. Whatever. A lot of random people from that show have made it pretty far, too. One of the judges from So You Think You Can Dance was a random dancer on Kids, Inc.
It's crazy. Thanks for being as blown away as I was.