Monday, August 14, 2006

Forces of conspiracy

I will have another book update soon, I promise, book #17 which will be George Saunders's In Persuasion Nation. However, tonight Greg came over to watch the Vikings play and Hell's Kitchen and I ended up getting quite drunk. We played Scrabble and he won as usual, but he also cheated this time by looking at my tiles and looking at the last tile in the bag to see if it was a blank. But, he would have won anyway, since he beat me by more than one hundred points.

Anyway, I'm very drunk now, which is why I am not finishing and thusly posting on George Saunders's In Persuasion Nation. I have two stories left, but I will give you a preview and say that the book is fucking awesome.

I'm also going to say that Gatsby goes under the knife (okay, laser) on Wednesday to remove his raisin sized balls. Any cards or balloons are welcome to aid in his recover.

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