Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Resolutions

My resolutions this year are ways I want to make my mind and body better. Overall I’m quite happy, so I want to “fine tune” some of the details.

1. Limit television watching to ten hours per week. I watch an obscene amount of television, and I know that it’s ultimately a detriment to my writing and to my overall well being. By limiting myself in this area I’m hoping to open up more time to do other things.

2. Stick to my budget. I spent a lot of time in September coming up with workable weekly and monthly budgets. Now it’s time I use them. I have all but one credit card paid off, and my savings is plentiful, so financially I’m in pretty good shape, but, again, I’m fine tuning.

3. Think about what I eat rather than just consuming out of boredom. I’m a mindless eater. I spend a lot of time eating, and also just eating what first comes to mind. I want to think about food more, plan out what I’m eating, and not be so compulsive about food.

4. Exercise for at least 20 minutes per day. I do this already, walking with Gatsby rain or shine. I want to continue it in the new year (and also get credit for at least one resolution!)

5. Finally, I want to spend at least two hours per day devoted to reading or writing. This will be imperative to Book Plan 2007, and also to my successful completion of The Novel (more on that one later)

As I write these I think that it makes me look like “all work and no play.” To a degree, that’s true. I spent a lot of my twenties, most of it in fact, playing. It’s gotten me, well, not very much. I want to keep being successful and keep being healthy and in order to do that I need to pay attention to how I think and act.

Okay, resolutions done!

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