Tuesday, January 16, 2007

*Sigh* Genetics forcing New Year's Resolutions

I went to the doctor today for a check up on my current meds, and we spent some time studying my blood pressure. I told him that it had been steadily rising over the last nine months or so. I keep an eye on my bp for a few reasons: 1) it's amusing to me to watch it rise and fall with the starting and ending of school; 2) countless relatives on my mom's side of the family have high blood pressure and hypertension, including my mom. It also contributed substantially to my grandma's death.

Doc Goodwin checked and, sure enough, while once upon a time my blood pressure was so low people wondered how I could stand upright, now I'm officially pre-hypertension. He doesn't want to put me on medication because apparently it's quite icky, and there are several "lifestyle" changes that need to be made first.

I do so love lifestyle changes.

He was happy that I had quit smoking, and now I really need to stay "quitted." Like for real. He also recommended I lose at least ten pounds, but no more than twenty-five. I could lose twenty-five and still be okay BMI wise, but I can't imagine me minus twenty-five pounds. Ten I can see, so I'm going to shoot for twenty.

So, look at me. Turn thirty and suddenly I've got high blood pressure, I've got to diet, and I can't even smoke about it. Thrilling.

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