Saturday, July 07, 2007

Book #28 The Eyes of the Dragon by Stephen King

For some reason, this book by King has sat on my shelf for years unread. I started it once in high school and put it down not for a lack of interest (in fact, I remembered the place I had stopped when I got to it this time) but I never got back to it.

I brought it to the lake yesterday and read it cover to cover. King wrote it for his daughter and it's pretty clear throughout, due to the simplified language and the voice of the narrator. It's told in almost a bedtime story style. But, King did not sacrifice story or character. Both elements were present and I found the book a total page turner, even being on the water with lots of things going on around me.

The book wrapped up tightly with no loose ends, except the potential for a sequel which was clearly left in the final paragraph. Rather than seeming cheesy, though, I wished that King had gotten back into these characters and turned it into a series similar to the Dark Tower. He could have had a fabulous career as a young adult writer as well as a horror writer.

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