Wednesday, December 19, 2007

"Last night I dreamed I killed you."

Words every teacher longs to hear.

A student told me this morning that he dreamed last night that he killed me. I asked how. He said he hit me in the forehead with a hammer (the chisel end).

I'm having a hard time choosing a word/emotion for how I feel about this. On one hand, it's a dream. It wasn't a threat, and honestly, if he said that he'd killed me with a gun in his dream I'd have been more nervous. On the other hand, why would he tell me that? If I had a dream where I really actually killed someone, I don't think I would tell anyone. I don't know.

I was the least shocked of anyone that heard him say it--another teacher and several other students heard him--and I guess I really didn't react. Well...I reacted by asking probing questions. The conversation went something like this:

Him: "Last night I dreamed I killed you."

Me: "Oh yeah? How'd you do it?"

Him: "I hit you in the forehead with a hammer."

Another student: "Which end?"

Him: "The chisel end."

Me: "Did it stick in my head or could you pull it out easily?"

This last question threw him a bit--he didn't expect me to ask it, surely, and I think I handled it the right way by unnerving him rather than showing him that he had unnerved me. That's the best emotion word--"unnerved." I'm not scared or worried or offended....just.....unnerved.

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jamais vu said...

Unless he's a student you have had "issues" with in the past, I'd say it's just his subconscious' way of saying he wants to "get into your head." Dreams are often pretty literal like that.