Saturday, August 30, 2008

Arachnophobia: it's not just for Canaima, California anymore

A few weeks ago at my Social Reincarnation Soiree, I pointed out an unusual spot of nature to a few of my guests. There is a tree outside my front door that lives in the patch of lawn between my house and the neighbor's. Happy tree. In said happy tree, though, something has been growing over the course of the summer. That something is the biggest spider nest I've seen since the 1990 release of a little movie called Arachnophobia. It's actually killed part of the tree. So, no biggie, right? I showed the nest off to the guests, a few appreciative "dude"s were exchanged, and we all went on our way. Never once did I consider where any of the spiders in the Nest of Doom might have gone once the Great Hatching of 2008 occurred.

They came to my front door.

All of them.

HUNDREDS of spiders.

Now, one spider has lived outside my door, by my doorbell, for as long as I've lived in the house. He (and his descendants, probably) and I have coexisted quite peacefully--he stays out of my house and I occasionally leave the porch light on so he can eat. This, however, is completely out of hand. COMPLETELY OUT OF HAND. Sorry to yell, but, well, dude, spiders creep me the FUCK out.

So I did what any self-respecting single woman would do--I took a hose to the bastards. All of them. Even my little guy by the doorbell. I cannot abide an invasion, no way no how.

Hopefully I killed enough of them to scare the rest away....or they're planning a sneak attack and will descend on me in the dead of night.

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