Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Becoming one with Mother Superior

Tomorrow morning I'm leaving on a camping trip to rest, rejuvenate, and mentally prepare for what's coming up for the fall. Molly, me, and four other fine rays of sunshine will spend five days and four nights (or maybe six days, five nights...who knows) hanging on the North Shore.

For me, I need to revise a story I wrote four years ago that I very much believe in. I haven't done so much as peek at it in two years and I feel that I can look at it now with eyes of a reader and not eyes of a writer. I think my greatest weakness I have as a writer at this time is that I tend to turn my writing into a group activity. I have many communities of writers--very good writers--and I am extremely well supported. This is both good and bad. Good because support is always better than no support...bad because it's easy for me to start to take the views of other writers and write their words rather than my own. At least one of my stories has been ruined by "too many cooks in the kitchen". None of the people I'll be with for the next almost-week are writers. I'll have several days where the only support I have is myself, and I think that's exactly what I need.

When I get back, I'll finish writing about The Weekend Was So Big I Need to Break It Up Into Parts, mainly the Idina Menzel concert (sorry Troy!!), and the Olympics and, of course, the goodness of the camping weekend.

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