Monday, August 18, 2008


Well, Yoga Molly will now be known as Molly, sans Yoga, because tonight was my last class with my mentor and friend. It's bittersweet, because tonight was an unbelievably successful class: I did crow pose successfully for the first time. Molly was proud of me, I was proud of me, and it was total cause for celebration. So much so that Molly showed me a new pose, wheel, that she thought I was ready for while everyone else was doing bridge.

It was a beautiful symbol of everything Molly has taught me over the last year. When I walked into her class last October, totally not knowing what to expect from this yoga business, it was complete fate that brought me to Molly. Now, a year later, she is a friend I hope to have for the rest of my life. She is an amazing spirit, calm and hyper and energetic and sensitive and balanced and quiet. She's a great teacher, both on and off the mat. People who know me will agree that I can be a bit...high strung. Molly--and yoga along with her--has taught me to calm the fuck down once in awhile. That going with the flow is important to good health, and that sometimes it isn't just me--sometimes it's the air, the way the planets align, the season, etc. that make things crazy.

I hopefully will take another class with Molly at some point, and I feel very happy that we've progressed our relationship beyond teacher-student so I'll continue to see her and spend time with her...but for now my time with Yoga Molly has, sadly, come to a close.

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