Monday, December 01, 2008

Self-Googling in Images...a List

Here is a list of people who came up when I googled my own name in "images." Note: A picture of me did not come up anywhere.

-- Kelly Ripa
-- Jessica Alba
-- Luci Lui
-- George Clooney
-- Reese Witherspoon
-- David Duchovny (as Fox Mulder...yum)
-- Kristie Alley
-- Patrick Dempsey
-- Johnny Depp (yippee!)
-- Kathy Bates
-- Olympia Dukakis
-- Kate Winslet
-- Hillary Swank
-- A nude and pregnant Demi Moore ('cause we haven't seen enough of *that* picture)

I'm flattered to be associated in some six-degrees-of-separation way with all of these fine folk...and a little more faithful about anonymity on the Internet.

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