Saturday, January 31, 2009

Jan 31...recap of the resolutions

Well, it's the end of the month, which means it's time to do an audit on how I've performed on my resolutions so far this year. I'm hoping this will keep me accountable.

Personal resolutions:

1. Do not spend more than I earn

*Update: I've been doing pretty well with this one. I've been working more, doing supervisions at school events and selling stuff I don't need, which helps also. But, January's budget was pretty decent.

2. Keep house clean

*Update: Not bad on this one. I'm cleaning a bit every day, and though sometimes I feel like all I do is clean (and wonder occasionally where the gremlins are who dirty the place when I turn my back), it's worth it.

3. Complete yoga teacher training

*Update: In process. I begin training in a few days.

4. Make a decision about mortuary science (apply this year or next?)

*Update: Finished. I'm waiting a year.

5. Run at least three times a week

*Update: so much on this one. Haven't even started.

6. Run a half-marathon

*Update: No yet! Going to have to do #5 before this one.

7. Do yoga five times a week

*Update: I'm building to this. This past week I did four classes. Next week it's full board--five a week.

8. Once a month, fill at least one bag to give to charity or consignment

*Update: Hmm...still need to do this. I will do this tomorrow.

9. Keep my weight where it is--maximum

*Update: So far so good!

Writing resolutions:

1. Send out five submissions a month

*Update: Done! I actually sent out sixteen...trying to get ahead because I don't know that I'll be able to send out during Feb or March because of yoga teacher training. Plus one to grow on.

2. Write one story a month

*Update: Well, I did write. Not a full story, but I did put words to paper. So, I'll count that a partial success.

3. Journal at least three times a week (in a hard copy--not blogging...though I'll blog like a fiend
in 2009!)

*Update: Not yet. I need to do this. But, whenever I think about writing stuff down, there's just so much in my head. Gotta think of it "one word at a time" and just get going.

4. Read six books on craft

*Update: I'm in process here...reading a book on poetry at the moment.

5. Read 26 books (either fiction or non-fiction...this will lead into Book Plan 2009)

*Update: I've read one book so far this year. One a month won't quite cut it. So, must get better at this one.

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me said...

Wow! Ambitious resolutions! And it looks like you are on the right track too! Way to go! :-)