Sunday, March 29, 2009

Return of the Prodigal Blogger

Today was my final exam for Yoga Teacher Training, which means that tomorrow my life will return to least something resembling normal, though it won't be the normal I was accustomed to before training started.

I may someday soon be able to put it all into words...but I'm not sure about that yet. It hasn't sunk in yet that the training is done and that I won't be able to enjoy the 14+ hours of weekly yoga practice/seminars/lectures/etc. How did eight weeks go by so fast?

Tomorrow spring break is done and I return to work. I feel like I've been on a reality show, or somewhere in some parallel universe. I'm so not the same person I was eight weeks ago. It'll be interesting to see how my new self translates into my old world.

In the meantime, though, thanks for sticking with me! Sorry I didn't update...I will be better--blogging is definitely a part of my "new self" :-)

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