Sunday, January 03, 2010

I am in love with 2010!!!

I know it's only the third day of the year, but so far I am so digging 2010 I could just marry it. Each day has been better than the one that came before it. Today I taught yoga to an amazing 33 people--31 in my CorePower Yoga class and 2 in my Yoga4You class. My 2 in Y4Y were "repeat offenders"--lovelies who have been to a class of mine before. I love seeing people come back--not just because it's people coming to yoga, but also because they liked my class enough that they said "sure, I'll take her class again." I know some people just look at the time--they don't care who the teacher is--but most people, I like to think, are like me and seek out specific teachers who they know will give them a good class.

I'm nervous because I need to start thinking about testing out to teach the next level of classes at CorePower. I know that I'm ready--I've been teaching yoga for nine teacher training was, unbelievably, almost a year ago. My fear is in the details--the heat/humidity, the sense of the sequence, will it be hard enough, will it be too hard, will I run at the mouth with my dharma talk, will people hate the class...with the C1 it's easier--the sequence is set. But, in some ways, that should give me confidence--my talents comes in delivery and in style, not the creation of the set C1 sequence, so I know people come to my classes because of that delivery, that style, which will certainly translate to teaching a C2 level class. Ahhhhhhh, yoga.....

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Leah said...

My parents go to the Y about 5 times a week, and they seek out specific teachers every time and often will try to fit a teacher they liked into their schedule if they can :) I'm sure that a lot of people do the same thing!

And also remember that a person not coming back isn't necessarily indicative of not enjoying your classes. I have gone to several classes that I've loved, but only once or twice because it doesn't fit into my regular schedule - for example, maybe I'm on break from school, or I happened to not have to work that day. I always feel bad when I love a class but know I won't get to make it, just FOR that reason the teacher might think I didn't come back because he/she was a bad teacher.