Friday, August 27, 2010

Deep breath...

Okay, the next plan of attack with Operation: 50% is my books. I counted today...excluding textbooks for my current classes, my Norton anthologies, and my first editions/signed/valuable books, I have 788 books. Eeeks.

Now, to be fair, I'm an English teacher. And a writer. Every job I do revolves around the written word. Plus, I love to read and I'm also, as you may or may not know, somewhat enamored with Stephen King. All of these elements have led to me becoming something of a book hoarder.

So, I need to get rid of 394 books. This will be both easier and harder than my clothes...easier because the emotional attachment isn't as strong, but harder because while the "ohh, I might wear this someday!" is weak compared to my "ohhh, I might read this someday!!"

The goal is to have it done this weekend. I'm nervous.

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