Saturday, December 11, 2010

Okay, enough with the Saturday Snowstorms already!

Not going to yoga today, my standing date with myself, because Mother Nature decided to dump an entire winter's worth of snow on us today. I'm feeling a little trapped, but I need to just deal with it . It's an hour, I can do the yoga at home, and, really, I have quite enough to do without taking 3 hours out of my day to drive to Minneapolis for (what would undoubtedly be a fabulous) yoga class.

So, Gatsby and I are hanging out playing on Facebook and looking at our list of things to do. Mine includes cleaning the house, grading, working on my lit review, and possibly 50%ing my books. Gatsby's includes sleeping, laying around, barking at snow, sleeping, eating, guarding his bone, and sleeping. As you can see, we will both be very busy!

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DianeCruz said...

Great time for a home practice!