Monday, November 21, 2011

Like the Little Engine that Could

I think I can.... I think I can....

....make it through today and tomorrow at work.

I'm such a big baby. I had a glorious weekend, and my first thought when I woke up this fine Monday morning was "dammit, can't I just go back to sleep for five hours?" Then I thought to myself "Self, you have two days of work this week. You can do it." And then Obama's "Yes we can" video started playing in my mind and I was able to drag myself to the shower.

Go ahead, inspire yourselves:

Two days. Actually a day and a half, now. Yes I can.


David Antoszek said...

haha i feel the same way. I always think to myself can't i just go back to sleep for another hour or so especially early in the morning but schools school i gatta go!

Rodrigo Mendes said...

2 days of work? Vacations? hahaha
have a good week!