Saturday, February 09, 2013


Sundays have been my favorite day of the week for a long time, as evidenced here and here (yep, that's 2005, people!), here, and, of course, here, where I pontificate on my longstanding love of Sunday.

Sundays, move over; Saturday is in the house.  Saturday is totally my new favorite day.  I still love Sundays; Sundays are awesome days full of teaching yoga, breakfast with good friends, and food prep afternoons....but Saturdays?  *sigh* Saturdays are my new boyfriend.

Saturday morning I'm up early to enjoy the full duration of the day.  Spin classes and yoga take up the morning and the early afternoon.  Come 2pm, I'm home planted in the Great Red Chair of Sleep watching the Food Network.  Gatsby and I venture out mid-afternoon for a walk and he finds his Saturday joy sniffing and snorting and running around.  Other than that, I don't leave the house. 

Maybe I should...I probably sound kind of anti-social.  But here's the thing:  Monday-Friday I interact with around 200 people directly, and am in the presence of more than 2000.  On Sundays, I directly interact with around 50 people.  Saturdays?  I can limit my direct interaction to 2 people if I choose: my spin instructor and my yoga instructor.  I need not speak to anyone else.  So, in a way, Saturday is my day to refuel.  To practice as much self-care as I can possibly manage in a 24 hour period of time.  Sometimes that self-care involves other people--friends, family--but more often than not, once I'm home from yoga it's the Kelly-n-Gatsby show for the win.  

So, while I will never lose my deep love for Sunday, I am very happy to welcome Saturday to the fold of days that make me feel very happy and very lucky.  Tonight, my self-care involves the Wild game, Sliver (don't judge me), Ben & Jerry's pumpkin cheesecake ice cream, and chex mix.  Gatsby is barking up a storm protecting our castle from some unknown, unseen threat.  Life is very, very good.

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